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The company BERY DREVOVYROBA s.r.o. is located near Plzeň in Veselé u Rokycan . Its origins can be traced to 1990, when it began to assert itself as a family company in the field of wood processing. Gradually, due to expansion in production, the company was relocated in the former collective farm area. Since that time we are manufacturing at this place .

The company was registered as a limited liability company BERY DREVOVYROBA s.r.o. in June 4, 2001.



The main focus of the company is the manufacturing and sale of so-called wooden containers or wood packaging material. They are mostly wood products, which serve as protection for the goods and their transportation or storage. These products are mainly various types of pallets, crates, transport timber design, stickers, treated lumber, boards, etc. The main raw material for making the products is wood. The most common tree species include conifers – spruce and pine. The company is focused and specialized especially in the production of atypical packaging and pallets usable mainly for transporting goods to customer.

We offer our clients the production and delivery of packages to suit their requirements. Thanks to many years of experience we can help you to choose the appropriate product. We also offer so-called safety stock in our area. This option is particularly suitable for companies that do not have the possibility of storing large quantities of palles due to the full use of their own space. We also provide heat treatment of materials according to ISPM 15, often known as the IPPC which is required for exporting to certain countries because of desinfecting harmful organisms.

We make contracts carrying several pieces up to the truck delivery. Our partners are both large and small customers with various production focus.

If you are interested in our offer and need more information, do not hesitate and contact us here please.


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